How to Lose Weight with Dieting

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How to Lose Weight with Dieting

Over weight is one of the major problem in 70% of the population Eating habits Lifestyle Lack of Exercise genetics are the main cause of over Weight In our busy Life we don’t get time to get a solution for that proper Lifestyle Regular Exercise can reduce or maintain our body but Lack of time and lazy is the main problem of Weight Lose in this kind of time our diet has an important role in Weight Lose lets see How to lose weight with Dieting

How to Lose weight with dieting                                                                                        How to Lose Weight with Dieting

Cut Back on sugar and starches

The most Important part is to cut back on sugar and starch content food , excessive sugar consumption is the one of the main treger of over weight over consumption of sweets starch etc are storing our body as sucrose( Sugar )  mainly in our stomach area this condition will cause Diabetics

Protein Rich Food

Meals should include protein rich food  while weight Lose dieting plane Protein is the King of diet plan hence Our meals should include Protein Rich foods

protein Rich foods ; Meat Beef Chicken Pork Lamp Bacon 

                             Fish and seafood  salmon shrimps Lobsters


Lose weight with Dieting                                                                                          How to Lose Weight with Dieting


Low Carbohydrate and Vegetable Diet

Low Carbohydrate and Vegetable food are the key factor of Weight Lose

Kind of Food are; Cauliflower Broccoli Spinach Kale Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Swiss Chard Lettuce Cucumber Celery

 Fat Is good ?

Major group of people thinking Fat is harmful in our boy is its true … ? Exactly NO some source of Food items are good for our body

best source of good fat is Coconut oil

Kind of source : Olive oil , Avocado Oil , Butter , Tallow

Good Food Habits

Avoid Excessive snacks , Reduce fried food , fast food , pickles ,salty food , container food ,

Meals time should be proper Time , don’t skip breakfast , Eat Dinner 1 hour before bed

Include More Vegetable ,Fruits ,Green Leafy vegetables in our diet

Drink Plenty of water this will improve de-toxication


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